How To Earn Through Youtube

Make Youtube Your Money Making Asset

Youtube is the channel that is now making numerous carriers and people are really minting money fast from youtube. First things first,  fact -YouTube doesn’t really pay for views or subscribers, instead it pays for the advertisements which appear on your videos. Also, not every time you play a video has an advertisement. It depends if any advertiser is bidding at that time. So, it is on the availability of ads.

Now all  your YouTube earnings can be seen on your channel’s YouTube Analytics. For claiming you must connect a Google AdSense account with your YouTube account . YouTube pays you through Google AdSense.

How To Earn Through Youtube

Basic steps on how you can Monetise and earn from YouTube shared below:

  1. Enable monetisation of your channel and videos.
  2. Link a Google Adsense account with your YouTube channel. This is important for you to claim the money from YouTube after your videos start making money. Threshold is 100$.
  3. When your videos are published, make sure you have monetisation “on” on them and select all types of ads.
  4. The number of times ads are being served on your videos and the kind of CPM it has decides how much money you make. e.g. 5000 views, but only 1000 monetizeable impressions (1000 times ads were shown and not skipped before 30 seconds). Average CPM is 4$ to 10$ (cost per mille – cost per 1000 impressions). So, you earn around 4$ to 10$ on the given video.
  5. YouTube keeps 45% and gives you 55% of the total earnings. So, your estimated earnings are different from gross earnings. Also, your final earning might differ from estimated earnings.
  6. Also, they have to pay tax too. Which is as per the country/state tax law.

These are the basic steps and factors you need to know. There are more in-depth things to be considered. So, now, you can do the maths and calculate how much you can earn.

More popular the channel gets, more ads Google will serve on their videos. Result: more money they make.