The recent studies shows that more than 1.6 billion people visit Youtube everyday.The figure itself shows the impact the YouTube has on masses. The Youtube thus provides the perfect opportunity of a lifetime to be successful using this platform, an one such way is to by creating a successful VLOG. Now ill provide some tricks by which you can be a successful Vlogger , so her we go.

  1. Create a Blog of yours. you can use WordPress or, and create the blog, WordPress is chargeable and Blogger is free according to your choice. But remember that the theme should be relevant to your subject or taste.
  2. The most important part is the subject or genre on which you want to work. Choose the topic of your Vlog  correctly as it is gonna be the deciding factor whether your Vlog is going to be successful and viral, do not indulge in some controversial topic, as it may seem to be a viral topic but  the legal complications are many which could even land you behind bars. And may also provoke Youtube to block you. So Choosing right topic is top priority.
  3. Purchase a good quality camera. Now people may say that camera is not that important, and you can also shoot with your regular mobile. But guys be practical do you yourself like watching poor quality video or blogs. The answer is obvious no, so please get yourself a good quality camera.
  4. Do use easy-to-use video editing tool like Moviemaker (Windows) and Imovie(Mac) when you need to edit the video.
  5. For audio the quality should be good, so find the quietest place in home or office, prepare a good script, hire a language expert if possible and record.
  6. Now launch the Vlog on youtube.
  7. Hire a good agency like to make you viral, believe me  guys to go viral alone is real hard.
  8. Be a famous Vlogger and reap the fruits.