How Social Media Can Influence

How Social Media Can Influence

Social media has taken the world by storm and its a reality in today’s world that almost all of the, people who have excess to the internet is on social media.

Lets see some of the statistics which would highlight the influence social media has on masses.

  1. 85% of internet users have Facebook account.
  2. 49% have twitter account.
  3. 30% of whole online time is spent on social media.
  4. 82% of whole online shopper use social media sites for their purchases.
  5. In comparison to all marketing leads produced by trade shows, telemarketing, direct shows, billboards etc social media produces double the leads.Amazing isn’t it?
  6. 52% of the Business enterprises agree that the social media has helped in improve their sale.
  7. 62% of the online consumers post their product review on social media, which can make or break the company’s name.
  8. The people who were once considered wary of social media in the age group of 50-60 are now more and more actively participating in the social media more through mediums like Twitter and facebook.
  9. Retail , wholesale, consumer goods are the top benefiting business through social media with as good as 35% of their total sales influenced by social media followed by technology, marketing agencies, professional services and Financial services like Banking, Insurance etc
  10.  The buying habit of the customer is greatly influenced by social media as they look to social media for latest fashion, gadget, automobile or jewelry you name it social media has it.

How Social Media Can Influence

Social media and Its Influence on Business

The above statistics are enough to prove that the social media is a crucial player in the Business sector with each passing day, and it would be not be overrated to state that in the future all the business would be controlled by the social media. As for today Its is indeed a big influence on the buying behaviour of the masses, today nearly 75% of the consumer depends upon social media for decision on buying. And if the retailer or the business entity studies and understands the social media trends, it can easily defeat the competition and soar the sales.

The whole business future depends upon the study of social market and the futuristic influence its gonna make. If a company is big and established with good turnover, but not concentrating then the company is bound to fail, on the contrary if a company is small or budding but is keen on its social media promotions, then its bound to succeed.

Steps Business entities can take to use Social media

The business entities can use the social media in a big way. To promote their business and thus gain form the countless benefit from it, i have put some relevant points in support of the heading.

  • Companies to take holistic study of the relevant customer behaviour and change their business strategy according to that and reap the benefit.
  • Business entities can take the help of the social media influencers, the people whom the masses follow, by hiring them for publicity, the people follow the these influencers in any thing they do, so find the influencers in your relevant field like sports, entertainment, science  etc.
  • Create relevant pages or post showcasing the benefits of the product on all social media like facebook, instagram, youtube , pintrest etc. Then take professional help from companies like and reap the benefit.
  • Ask conversion starter questions with the customers to engage with your social media account and convert it to sale.
  • Enhance rewards for virtual check ins.